General Information



Elementary virtual learning students will have lessons provided via a Learning Management System (LMS). We have selected Google Classroom as our LMS. Students will be required to log in, engage in learning activities, complete assignments, and submit work for grades in Google Classroom. Designated virtual teachers will provide grade-level activities, instruction, and resources for each grade level kindergarten through sixth grade. Each grade level will have a daily schedule during the traditional school day, where live instruction, independent work, and special area resources will be provided. Virtual students will log-in during scheduled virtual learning sessions to receive instruction and support. 


Secondary virtual learning students will receive instructions via three different platforms.  LCSD will be using Edgenuity, Google Classroom for LCSD courses, or a select few AP courses taught via the Booneville School District. Virtual learners will have a Faculty Advisor(s) to monitor work progression based on the course’s time sequence. Students who receive special education services will have access to their regularly scheduled support teachers.  Support teachers will have regular contact via the Google Classroom, Google Meet, email, and phone. 

Work Progression:
Virtual learning is ideal for students to work at their own pace to complete assignments.   However, the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has set parameters regarding tracking student attendance.   Student work must be in the sequence of the school year.

Technology Devices:  Virtual Learners must use the school-issued Chromebook to complete work assignments.   This is a change from previous information due to the attendance tracking requirement by the MDE.   If you have not picked up your school-issued device, please do so in the front office of your assigned school.