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One campus houses all four of the Lafayette County Schools. Our location is approximately two miles from the town of Oxford, which is the county seat for Lafayette County. Our students are residents of rural Lafayette County, which covers an area from Harmontown in the north to Paris in the south and from Tula in the east to Burgess in the west.

We offer an educational opportunity for students within our district who are in pre-K through grade 12. A single campus allows us to retain a very tight community atmosphere. If you are new to town or just looking for more information, we are excited to have you as part of our team.

We provide supplies, materials, and support services to ensure the understanding and mastery of educational objectives. We base requirements regarding testing, grading, promotion, retention, and graduation upon state specifications.

Our faculty and staff are committed to providing our students with an excellent education including the following special programs:

  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Athletics/Extracurricular Activities
  • ESL
  • Gifted Classes for 2nd-8th Grades
  • Advanced Placement & Dual Enrollment High School Courses
  • Gifted Drama & Music

"A message from our Superintendent

Parents and Students,

My vision for Lafayette County School District is to make this an “A” district. In keeping with that vision, we plan to offer numerous academic courses and activities that will challenge our students and broaden their horizons. I am proud of the accomplishments at Lafayette schools.

These achievements may have occurred in our classrooms, our choir room, our band hall, our gyms, or on our playing fields, but they did not occur due to complacency and satisfaction with the status quo. Our schools are what they are because of the dedicated men and women who share a common goal—to do what is best for students. We’re always looking for ways to achieve that goal.

This year, as in the past, we’re concentrating on the processes that promote student learning. At Lafayette, our belief is that every child can learn, and we devote our energy every day to making that happen. In order to serve the needs of every student, I want our processes to answer the following four questions:

  1. What are the essential elements we want our students to learn?
  2. How do we know they’ve mastered these essential elements?
  3. What do we do if they have not demonstrated a mastery of these elements?
  4. What do we do if they already know these essential elements?

In formulating the answers to these questions for each one of our students, we focus on learning for each student. When our students master these skills, we know we’re preparing them for opportunities in whatever course they choose to follow after Lafayette. Please join us in supporting our students and teachers as we focus on learning to make this year at Lafayette Schools the best ever.


Adam Pugh

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