Grading will follow the Lafayette County School District Grading Policy and procedures outlined in the student handbooks (LES HandbookLUES Handbook).


Grading in Edgenuity is based on a running average throughout the school year.   The running average at the end of each grading period will be recorded in the student grade management system - SAM.   As the year progresses, the running average will be updated.   LCSD elective courses will be the average of each grading period.

Students need to view their schedule on active.student and make certain that they know how to log in and access every course to begin instruction and complete assignments.   Students enrolled in an elective that utilizes Google Classroom as the mode of delivery will work within the perimeters set by the instructor. If any discrepancies exist between active.student and the online platform such as Edgenuity, Google Classroom, etc.,  please contact your grade level school counselor.

LMS:  Amanda Gray
LHS 9-10th grade: Brandy Baker
LHS 11-12th grade: Tammy Quarles